Brockman Farms Show Pig Camp Schedule:

30 exhibitors accepted per camp, once a camp is full, registration for that camp will close!
Registration fee is $200/exhibitor per camp. Sorry, but no refunds.
---- Please contact Michael Rezendes at 559-514-4661 with any questions regarding the camps.----

Location for camps:
Brockman Farms Showpig Camp & Sale Facility
27601 Denn Rd.
Montgomery, Tx 77356

We ask that you bring pigs, if possible, for the hands-on showmanship section. However, it is NOT REQUIRED that you bring pigs. There is a possibility that we will be able to provide extra pigs, in the event that they are not available you will still learn a significant amount even if you can't bring pigs and we will still be able to work with you on showmanship.

There are pens set up so you can unload your pigs or leave them on the trailer. You can unhook your trailers and leave them at the camp facility overnight as well.

Camp agenda
(Coming soon!)



  • - All camps will be a ONE day camp.
  • - Novice camps on Saturday and Advanced camps on Sunday.
  • - Novice camps: 0-3 years of showing
    • Novice camps will focus on the basics of showmanship and mastering the fundamentals.
  • - Advanced camps: 4 plus years of showing
    • Advanced camps will be intense practice of optimizing different types of pigs including watching film to talk through varying sift pen and show ring scenarios.

Josh and Carrie are passionate about helping families get to the winners circle. The level of competition at major and county shows is tougher now than it's ever been and as a result pigs MUST be cared for, fed, and shown to a "T" to be competitive.

For the last ten years Carrie has been coordinating show pig camps and her and Josh want to provide an intense learning experience for kids, whether this is their first year to show a pig or they are a seasoned veteran in the ring!

The three main areas of focus at Brockman Farms Show Pig Camps will still be:

Hands on, one on one showmanship training with each exhibitor! We limit the number of exhibitors at each camp to be sure that we can diligently work with each kid on their specific showmanship needs.

Our motto is "Do the small things right and BIG things will happen!" Whether it's at home or at the show we believe there are essential management practices that must be done for you to be successful. We want to make sure that each family leaves knowing the small things we believe make a BIG difference!

In this day and time the proper feeding plan and adjustments can make or break your show pig project. Let us help make sure you're on the right track with a customized feed plan for your pig!

Find the link to the registration form for each camp below:

May 20, 2023 Novice Camp
May 21, 2023 Advanced Camp

June 3, 2023 Novice Camp
June 4, 2023 Advanced Camp

July 15, 2023 Novice Camp
July 16, 2023 Advanced Camp

August 19, 2023 Novice Camp
August 20, 2023 Advanced Camp

September 2, 2023 Novice Camp
September 3, 2023 Advanced Camp

October 28, 2023 Novice Camp
October 29, 2023 Advanced Camp

November 11, 2023 Novice Camp
November 12, 2023 Advanced Camp